Creatif's Managing Director Speaks Ahead of Clerkenwell Design Week

We are a few days before Clerkenwell Design Week opens for the 10th time, and the team at Creatif are intensively focused on delivering our offering that is set to create a big stir.

Over the past 5yrs (this is our 5th CDW - wow!) Creatif has evolved and developed consistently. Our humble beginnings were simply offering moveable walls for opening and closing boardrooms. Now, we manufacture moving walls and sliding panels for collaboration and aesthetics, acoustics and flexibility anywhere, along with a huge range of acoustic absorption systems and 3rd-space acoustic furniture for noise control, acoustic comfort and improved wellness in the workspace.

This year, for our 5th ever CDW, we are majoring on two key concepts (not in any way minimising the current solutions we offer in the world of moveable walls, space flexibility and acoustic performance of workspace), which I expand on below...

...but before I go too much further I must mention our Clerkenwell Classic Golf where we will be hosting a mini-Golf tournament made from our Whisper acoustic material - it is highly likely we will see this product appearing in workspace designs once it's been discovered by the market next week!!

Read more here and book your participation 

#CDW2019 concepts being launched (alongside the Golf):


Creating flexible space, providing acoustics, biophilia and contributing to employee wellness.


This product has been a resounding success. Lightweight panels, sliding on head-tracks, with stoppers enabling the panels to be located in position anywhere along the track.

Float has contributed to increasing the flexibility and functionality of workspaces, thereby increasing the productivity of its users. This year, however, Float takes on a new guise altogether.

Beautiful craftsmanship combines with functional surfaces and creates a system that does everything the original Float does, plus more.

New timber frames, double-sided finishes and application of moss and plant-pots using our innovative new peg-board face finish means Float not only configures space but provides that increasingly important connection with nature.

We are absolutely confident that Float Moss is going to energise designers with a fresh sense of inspiration, now being able to zone space in a flexible way with "moveable biophilia".


Flexibility, style, performance - a modular system that has it all.

We launched our steel-frame zone-dividing acoustic shelving product last year. It has been so successful that we decided to increase its usefulness.

Our very own in-house designer, Anne-Marie White, has spent months creating a range that remains true to what we do as a company - "shaping perfect workspace".

As well as that, she has maintained the unique Constructif steel-frame aesthetic, which has proven to be very in-keeping with a strong market trend currently.



Constructif is being launched at CDW as an all-inclusive range. I am very pleased to list below some of the items we will be displaying in our showroom during the show and whilst these items are "standard" configurations, we understand that in this game "standard" doesn't mean a lot!

The success of Constructif has been largely due to its flexibility - frames in any RAL colour, combined with upholstery from Camira Blazer and Synergy ranges, made to any size, short leadtimes and myriad of accessories and shelf finishes available. Not to mention the ability to bespoke the product to suit the look and for feel for your project.

Constructif Stadia - a tiered seating system designed for presentation areas, town-hall spaces or collaborative zones.

Constructif Low-Enclave - a compact banquette style seating unit incorporating soft bench seats encased in a Constructif surround. 

Constructif Slide - standard units but on our market-leading sliding track system! Perfect for creating space that's truly flexible - move the unit to relocate it to assist in zoning a space.

Constructif High-Enclave - Everyone knows about our Cube acoustic booth……High-Enclave creates the same "booth" concept but this time with a Constructif surround. Infinitely customisable, High-Enclave provides that privacy, that 2rd-space, that focus area that's so needed in today's open-plan spaces. And the options for internal furniture are endless too - include Constructif stools, or bench seats, or customer-sown furniture…….and the ability to drop design lighting through the roof, or dress it in biophilia creating a one-of-a-kind "jungle booth".

Constructif Lounge - unique, bespoke and beautiful, this solution combines the seating from Low-Enclave plus the Constructif shelves to create a highly-individual lounge area that can be manoeuvred, configured and dressed.

Constructif Concierge - reception desks designed to suit the project, this product does everything a concierge desk should. Integrated shelving, storage, dressed with biophilia and of course, a table for complete efficiency.

Constructif Coworking - a high-table complete with Constructif stools. Provides a co-working space with style, character and functionality.

Constructif stools, pedestals and tables - a range of additional items designed to complement the Constructif ranges developed entirely in response to customer response. Beautifully upholstered, quality joinery and excellent ergonomics, these items are must-haves to complete the functionality of the Constructif family.

I realise all this is hard to take in. There's a lot going on here! The best way to get to understand the true potential of these exciting concepts is to pay us a visit anytime during Clerkenwell Design Week.

I am there all week and I look forward to seeing you. Our address is 79 Clerkenwell Road.

Dwight Bailey
Managing Director