The Creatif Clerkenwell Classic

"And this, from three feet, is to win Creatif's Clerkenwell Classic....."

During Clerkenwell Design Week, we're hosting our very own indoor golf tournament; the Creatif Clerkenwell Classic.

Downstairs in the Workspace Wellness Hub you'll find a six-hole mini golf course. Simply turn up, grab a scorecard, ball and putter, and tackle the six-hole course. With £150 up for grabs, we're certain this is a bit of fun (some might say competition) that you won't want to miss.

The entire course is made out of Whisper, our polyester acoustic panel.

More than just a traditional interior acoustic panel, Whisper can be employed as a base material for creative solutions where design and aesthetics are important. Traditionally used to guard against noise transfer, we've decided to create the challenging Creatif Course at 79 Clerkenwell Road out of it to install some fun into CDW and showcase how versatile Whisper is.

Besides its ability to absorb sound and control reverberation, Whisper has a huge environmental upside. It's made from recycled plastic bottles (minimum of 65% PET bottle-flake), its a sustainable and safe solution to long-standing acoustic problems.

So whether you're looking for something fun to do between appointments or want to learn more about our expert acoustic, flexible space and wellness solutions, you'll find a home at 79 Clerkenwell Road.

The Rules

We won't bore you with the T&Cs of the competition, though they're pretty straightforward.

Whoever shoots the lowest round during Clerkenwell Design Week walks away with a cool £150, the coveted Red Jacket and a winners' trophy - just make sure you complete your scorecard (no cheating!) and hand it in to a member of the Creatif team. And before you ask, entry is free.


Are you going to Clerkenwell Design Week? Let us know that you'll be coming and we'll roll out the red carpet - and secure your entry to Clerkenwell's only golf tournament.