Best of 2020: Blogs & Articles

Last week we took a look back at our 5 most popular projects from 2020. With just over a week to go until we break for the holidays, we thought we'd also take a retrospective look at our most popular Blog posts from the last 12 months.

Thank you to all of our contributors, from Photographers to Copywriters, for their continued help.

Creatif Conversations: 08. Jon Tollit

Jon Tollit is an award-winning Design Director and Principal at Gensler, predominantly working on projects in the lifestyle sector.

We caught up with Jon as part of our on-going Creatif Conversations series all the way back in January.


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Creatif Staff's Top Picks from OfficeLovin'

Back in April we asked the Creatif team to give us their favourite workplace design featured on OfficeLovin', and they didn't disappoint.


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Creatif Talks; 'How to Create an Engaging Workspace' with Sudhir Saseedharan

Sadly the global pandemic has prevented us from hosting our monthly Creatif Talks seminars at our Clerkenwell-based showroom. We did however manage to squeeze in two before restrictions came into force, back in January and February.

We were fortunate that what turned out to be our last Creatif Talk of the year was also one of our best ever in terms of feedback from attendees as we were joined by Sudhir Saseedharan, Global Design Lead at LEGO Workspace.

Discussing LEGO's approach to design - "Lego Way of Working" - Sudhir spoke in depth about about the company's  54,000 square metre campus in Billund, Denmark.


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Creatif Attends: Stockholm Design Week

In February a few lucky members of the team were fortunate enough to attend Stockholm Design Week to take in all of the sights and sounds.


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Creatif Conversations: 12. Dwight Bailey

In June our Creatif Conversations interview was with Creatif's very own Founder and Managing Director, Dwight Bailey.

Dwight discusses the effects of the current pandemic and what the future of the workspace may look like.


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You can read the rest of our Blogs, here. We look forward to bringing you more engaging content in 2021!