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Creatif Talks: "The Elemental Workplace" with Neil Usher

Earlier this month, we hosted our latest ‘Creatif Talks' technical seminar with Neil Usher. Neil, a luminary of the workspace industry, respected author and a man described as being a ‘design maverick', discussed the foundations of his critically-acclaimed book, ‘The Elemental Workplace'. Held in ...
18 Dec 2018

Creatif Conversations: 01. Gidi Matlin

Gidi Matlin has created coworking spaces that turn the notion of the traditional office on its head. In this, the first of a new series, Creatif sat down with the Head of Capital Projects for Village Hotels to discuss what goes into his design process when it comes to these open-plan, ...
4 Dec 2018

An Introduction to Technical Sound Masking

With evidence confirming that it takes workers up to 20 minutes to regain full concentration once distracted, the importance of acoustics are gradually becoming more widely known. Sound masking is one of the many acoustic solutions available, yet people are still confused as to what sound masking ...
22 Nov 2018

Creatif Kicks Off Charity Partnership With A Feat For The Fearless

Three members of Creatif’s team descended from the roof of the Manchester Velodrome to raise money for Brake, the road safety charity....
7 Nov 2018

The Importance of Acoustic Design in Coworking Spaces

Flexible, low-cost office space and the opportunity to interact with a community of like-minded freelancers and entrepreneurs – two of the many reasons as to why coworking environments are on the rise. But these spaces can lead to numerous acoustic issues......
2 Nov 2018

10 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are a big deal right now and research suggests more of us will be using them in the coming years. With that in mind, Creatif highlights ten benefits of shared workspace environments....
30 Oct 2018

It's A Long Way Down For Three Creatif Employees

Ahead of Road Safety Week (19th-25th November), we are able to unveil one of the events that we’ll be undertaking to help raise funds for our chosen charity, Brake....
24 Oct 2018

How Acoustics Influence the Workplace

If you work in an office, you have probably experienced some form of noise pollution. Because of that, acoustics are becoming more and more important in the workplace, as this article explains....
18 Oct 2018

Creatif Welcomes Four New Starters

It’s been a busy time at here at Creatif as we’re delighted to welcome Chris Boothroyd (Marketing Executive), Kirsty Ripo (Showroom Manager), Matthew Spenceley (Technical Project Manager) and Anne-Marie White (CAD Technician) to the team....
15 Oct 2018

5 Ways Smart Offices can Improve Wellbeing

Brits are known for their stiff upper lip and lack of self-care when it comes to wellbeing. Can smart offices help as a step towards adopting a wellbeing lifestyle philosophy where it’s ok to put oneself and one’s emotional wellbeing first?...
5 Oct 2018