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Recent Posts

Creatif Attends: Stockholm Design Week

Last week, Chris flew out to Sweden to visit the annual Stockholm Furniture Fair and check out the latest trends, innovations and see where the industry is heading in the next few years. After two days traipsing around Stockholmsmässan’s three exhibition halls and some 80,000 steps later, here are ...
12 Feb 2020

Creatif Talks; 'How to Make Work Work for Humans' with Lorna Leeson

Lorna Leeson believes that work needs to be more human. It's been over two centuries since the Industrial Revolution changed how we, as humans, work. Yet many of our standard practices remain rooted in the 1800s and haven't adapted as the world around us has evolved. As a consequence, the office ...
5 Feb 2020

Creatif Conversations: 09. Nicola Gillen

Nicola Gillen is the Head of Total Workplace EMEA at real estate giants Cushman & Wakefield. As a workplace visionary and published author, Nicola has extensive experience within real estate and has lived and worked abroad for a number of years. It's this background and her impressive portfolio of ...
3 Feb 2020

The ABC of Acoustic Design: C is for Cover

In the fifth part in a series of posts about the ABC of Acoustic Design, we take a look at the principle of covering sound in the workplace and why the process of adding noise to reduce noise actually works!...
9 Jan 2020

Creatif Conversations: 08. Jon Tollit

Jon Tollit is an award-winning Design Director and Principal at Gensler, predominantly working on projects in the lifestyle sector. As a qualified architect and member of the Chartered Society of Designers (amongst others) Jon also plays an important role in nurturing the designers of tomorrow, not ...
6 Jan 2020

Creatif Raises Over £3,000 for Brake, the Road Safety Charity

In September 2018, Creatif announced a year-long partnership with Brake, the road safety charity following a vote by our internal team....
23 Dec 2019

Creatif Talks; "A Festive Moss Making Workshop" with Richard Russell

After the success of our last Creatif Talk, we invited Richard Russell back down to our London showroom to host one of Innerspace’s popular moss making events. But with Christmas around the corner, we decided to put a little festive twist on this hands-on workshop....
20 Dec 2019

Whisper it... We've Got Some New Colours

Autumn is definitely here. Though given the weather recently, there’s a strong chance that we’ve skipped that season and jumped straight to winter. This change though has given us the chance to add three new colours to our Whisper range; Sebring, Estoril and Croft....
11 Nov 2019

The ABC of Acoustic Design: B is for Block

In the fourth part in a series of posts about the ABC of Acoustic Design, we take a look at the principle of blocking sound in the workplace and the different ways that can be achieved through fixed and flexible partitions....
7 Nov 2019

5 Cube Ideas To Kick-start Your Creativity

In conjunction with the redevelopment of our market-leading acoustic meeting booth, Cube, we asked our design team to get creative and draw up a few concept variations of their own....
14 Oct 2019