Report; "The Workspace Industry on Returning to Work"

In early June the Creatif team put together a short survey in an effort to gain a better understanding of peoples thoughts and feelings regarding what a return to work may look like. The results are now in...

Over 160 people participated, and in addition to the survey itself, we also received some interesting feedback;

"Only as easing of lockdown happens, in steps, will I feel more comfortable in getting back to normal social interactions."

"Guidelines sent out by the government followed and staff split between working from home and on site. Not all staff have returned to work and may be a challenge when they do."


"My role has meant that I have not worked remotely at all during the pandemic. My role has involved getting the building I work in, ready for personnel to return to work. Installing one way systems and reducing cross over areas particularly on stairs."

"As a designer I am focusing on contact points as well as physical proximity - if we design spaces with control of contact points I think we may achieve more in terms of safety."

"I think the key is communication. Whatever measures an employer introduces to ensure our return to a safe working environment will not be considered by all to be sufficient. So it’s important that all employers listen to their workforce, allow feedback without fear of consequences and be seen to either act on that feedback or give detail reasoning as to why further measures will not be introduced."


"A major problem in our business is the ridiculous cost of FFP3 face masks and other PPE, which is essential for a large part of our jobs. I cannot get ANY of them in sufficient quantity at the moment."

"We have had the technology for remote working for a long time, but we are social animals and need the connections at the work place. Also most people don’t have the space to separate work and home life, which is critical."

"I am more concerned about Public Transport and getting in to the office. I also feel working in an office 5 days is outdated."

A huge thanks to everyone who participated. Download the full report by clicking the below link:

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