Introducing Creatif's Workspace Wellness Hub

At Creatif, we believe people deserve the best environments for wellness, productivity and interaction at work. 

With around 90% of our time now being spent inside, ensuring that people's workspaces are happy, productive and beneficial places to be has never been so important. That's why, during Clerkenwell Design Week (#CDW2019), we're opening up our showroom (79 Clerkenwell Road) and transforming it into the 'Workplace Wellness Hub'.

Our Workspace Wellness Hub will showcase practical coworking and agile zoning spaces, all made possible thanks to our enhanced market-leading workplace solutions.

We've expanded and evolved our Constructif range to include acoustic and biophilic work-booths, hubs and workstations, alongside our existing selection of collaborative seating areas (Stadia) and zone shelving. Also, we've developed Float - our best-selling Float sliding panel system - to incorporate biophilia, practical surfaces and acoustic absorption.

Together, our entire range combine to create the ultimate in workspace flexibility, acoustic comfort and wellness.

Ground Floor

Zone One

Upon entering the Wellness Hub, you’ll be met by a friendly face and a member of the Creatif team and guided into the first of the Hub’s specific zones, the Reception Area.

Making great use of 79 Clerkenwell Road’s full-length window, this space will be brimming with natural light and biophilia to a create a welcoming and calming zone where you’ll be able to speak to one of our Workspace Experts, network or examine the products on display.

New for Clerkenwell Design Week is the introduction of moss-covered and peg-board panels for our popular Float system. These will be showcased in the reception area, and you’ll be able to get hands on and see how they can help transform any space imaginable - creating configurable space with a moveable biophilic wall is a first!

Featured products: Constructif, Float, ReSound, Whisper

Zone Two

If you need a space to unpack, settle down and check emails (or even complete that last-minute report), our coworking space is the place for you.

With a custom-built desk and seating (utilising our Constructif steel frame system once again), acoustic treatment in the form of our acoustically rated Whisper panels and access to power and our WiFi, you’ll soon be wanting to use this zone as your office away from the office!

Featured products: Constructif, Float, Whisper

Zone Three

Just off the coworking zone is what we’re classing as a co-meeting area. Here, you’ll be able to discuss the important things in life – that new design you’re working on, Game of Thrones, Line of Duty, what colours are in right now.

The Low Enclave meeting desk is – again - built from Constructif and based on our popular Cube acoustic booth. The banquette type pod will feature an exposed roof, with the acoustic treatment coming from a stunning Tempo arrangement that has long been an effective acoustic and aesthetic feature of our showroom.

Featured products: Acoustic aRT, Constructif, Tempo


Lower Ground Floor

Zone Four

Immediately on the Lower Ground floor, you’ll find our showpiece Constructif arrangement. Comprising of a High Enclave meeting area, suspended shelving units and our tiered seating configuration, Stadia.

Here, you’ll be able to see how Constructif can be used to transform space, aid collaborative working and wellness, and inject a unique showpiece into a workplace.

Featured products: Constructif

Zone Five

With the roar of the crowd grabbing your attention, you’ll see that the fifth zone is home to the Creatif Clerkenwell Classic, CDW’s prestigious mini golf tournament.

Each of the six holes that you’ll be able to play is sculpted from Whisper, our polyester acoustic material that's made from recycled plastic bottles.

After taking part in the Clerkenwell Classic and witnessing your fellow competitors vie for the prestigious Red Jacket, you’ll notice that a Cube acoustic booth is present, which is perfectly located for those who want to watch the tournament finale.

Featured products: Cube, Float, Lightbox, Whisper

Zone Six

Closed off by our market leading Solo and Clarity moving wall systems, the sixth zone of the Wellness Hub is a dedicated board/meeting room. Showcasing the very best in terms of space flexibility and acoustic absorption, this space will be the perfect little getaway for those wanting a quieter, more formal place to work to discuss upcoming projects or learn more about acoustic design.

Featured products: Clarity, Organics, ReSound, Solo

Zone Seven

Last but not least is our lounge area. Kitted out with two multi-use lounge units, table (again built from Constructif) and lightbox, it’s the ideal place for you to relax and watch the world go by. This zone is a perfect demonstration of Constructif, associated soft-seating and acoustics combining to create a trendy luxury and comfort.

Featured products: 3D Acoustic Tiles, Constructif, Whisper