Creatif at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

Clerkenwell Design Week promises to be bigger and better than ever this year, with a host of new showrooms popping up across London - including Creatif’s new home at 79 Clerkenwell Road; the number one destination to experience market-leading flexible space, acoustic comfort and wellness solutions...


 What visitors can expect to see

We’ve had a presence in London since 2018, but within the last 12 months our ever-increasing product range meant we were unable to display our entire product portfolio at once. This was the primary driver for us seeking a new showroom in Clerkenwell – to create an immersive, functional workspace demonstrating not only our entire catalogue of products, but also our approach to design. 

Our new home is located at 79 Clerkenwell Road. Split across two floors, the 2,400 sq ft space will be a showcase of our leading moving wall systems and acoustic solutions – as well as some new products we’ll be launching during the event; Seclusif and Effectif.

What is Seclusif?

Seclusif is our new range of truly modular and genuinely acoustic rooms, designed for fast-moving companies who want to avoid the constraint of fixed partitions (and dilapidation costs) but still need privacy.
The workspace industry has seen a rapid increase in the number of modular rooms and pod systems over the last couple of years – but nothing as functional and adaptable as Seclusif. 

As well as the standard size options available, panel modules cana be reconfigured and joined together with ease to allow for different layouts and sizes. Not only this, each unit is completely bespoke and allows for integrated furniture such as desks and shelves – everything has a place.


Acoustics are also a big part of Seclusif’s offering. The integrated Class A acoustic panels applied to the interior walls reduce internal reverberation, increasing acoustic comfort and productivity, making Selusif the perfect refuge from the open-plan working environments we see so often. Other features include air conditioning, lighting, power, lockable doors and more.

It’s a product we are all really proud of and can’t wait for people to experience it.

 And what about Effectif?

Effectif is our brand new, comprehensive range of workspace furniture – and is something we’re very excited about. Our Spring 2018 collection will also be launching at Clerkenwell Design Week.

What type of furniture items can people expect to see in your initial collection?

Our first collection will be comprised primarily of extendable desks, lightweight chairs and stools and smart storage units.
Every product and service we offer is aimed at providing flexible space and acoustic comfort resulting in conditions that boost employee wellness – and the Effectif range is no different. Not only did we want to produce a range of stunning and comfortable furniture items, but ones that contribute to these core principles.


We will be adding to the range again later in the year with the launch of our truly innovative Autumn 2018 collection. Watch this space...

So, in summary; it’s a busy time for Creatif right now?

Yes, but that’s nothing new. We believe people deserve the best environments for wellness, productivity and interaction at work, so we’re committed to continue pioneering products and services aligned with the needs of world-class workspace users.

The team and myself are so excited to be able to share the next chapter of Creatif with the public at CDW.

The doors to Creatif’s new showroom open at 9:00am on Tuesday 22nd May; 79 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5AR.