Webinar: Specifying Responsible Materials – Cork

We all understand the importance of specifying materials that are responsibly sourced, and at Creatif one of our favourites is the cork used to make our Organics Acoustic Cork Tiles.

Join us on Thursday 12th August to find out more about this fantastic material and it’s application for design.

Cork TIles

What to expect…
The webinar will be streamed live from our London showroom and will discuss the following:
» The process of harvesting from trees
» What makes cork such a sustainable material
» The manufacturing process involved in making our Organics Acoustic Cork Tiles

» Design applications for Cork Tiles
How to attend...
The presentation will start at 11:00am on Thursday 12th August and last around 30 minutes with our Managing Director, Dwight Bailey. Following the presentation, there will be a Q&A session for the audience in attendance.

Click on the button below to register your interest and we will send out a link to the webinar ahead of the event:

*Registrations CLOSED.