How 'acoustic' is a Seclusif room?

Have you ever wondered whether our Seclusif Acoustic Rooms really are acoustic? If you have, you're not alone - we are asked this all the time.

The only way we can answer is to at first define the meaning of 'acoustic' - the Oxford Dictionary tells us: "the properties or qualities of a room or building that determine how sound is transmitted in it."


So the real question is this: "how does Seclusif cope with transmitted sound?"
This question is not easy to answer because it is subjective. How Seclusif manages transmitted noise depends on many factors:
  • - what is the noise level outside the Seclusif (how much noise the Seclusif need to block)
  • - what is the floor void beneath the Seclusif (how much noise has the potential to travel beneath the floor into (or out of) the Seclusif)
  • - how many panels in the Seclusif are acoustically clad (impacting its ability to absorb or reflect noise)
  • - what % of glass and other shiny surfaces does the Seclusif consist of (impacting its ability to absorb or reflect noise)
  • - are there penetrations through the Seclusif (that could allow sound to travel through)
  • - how much noise is generated inside the Seclusif (and therefore how much noise has the potential to echo or escape)
  • - how big is the Seclusif (and how far therefore does noise have to travel before reaching your ears or an acoustically absorbent surface)
The list goes on... and hopefully illustrates the subjective nature of acoustics in a Seclusif.



But what we do know, and can reassure you with, is that Seclusif is a product that has been created by a bunch of passionate acoustics experts for acoustically challenging environments. Here are some stats:

1. We clad the inside of our Seclusif with our market-leading 40mm thick ReSound fabric-wrapped acoustic panels. These achieve a Class A noise-reduction-coefficient rating of 0.95 - in laymans terms, the best you can get!

2. The 100mm thick insulated solid panels (non-glazed) that make up our Seclusif rooms are acoustically tested in a laboratory to BS EN ISO140-3 and achieve a decibel rating of Rw 51dB.

3. The glazed panels have been laboratory tested to achieve Rw 38dB.

4. We can apply Whisper acoustic polyester to the external panels of the Seclusif. Added material = increased acoustic blocking, at the same time as providing absorption and reduced reverberation in the area outside the Seclusif. Whisper 12mm directly applied provides an NRC rating of 0.55.

All of this combined ensures Seclusif works effectively as an acoustic room. Sound generated within is absorbed by the ReSound acoustic wall panels and sound outside is kept outside as a result of highly dB rated Seclusif walls.


With all the above in mind, there are further ways that the Seclusif's acoustic performance can be enhanced - if you are concerned about sound leaking out from the room, applying our Humm sound masking in the area outside the Seclusif will 'cover' the sound - essentially making this escaped noise impossible to hear.