Acoustics Covered Right from the Start

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The demand for open-plan workspaces is creating an acoustic nightmare… But it doesn't have to be, because with acoustically absorptive materials applied in the right way, in the right place, to suit an area designed for a specific task, then acoustic comfort can be achieved.

At Creatif our years of experience in the field of acoustic analysis, problem solving and design has taught us that every space is different. Not only do the interior surfaces impact acoustics, but so does the building fabric itself. And how many people occupy the space at any given time plays an important part in the dynamics of acoustic performance too.

The use of the space is of vital importance - a teleconference room with reverberation issues will create a bigger problem at the other end - a microphone takes in the reverberated noise, transfers it to the other end and all the receiver hears is a mass of incomprehensible noise. Focus work requires an absorptive retreat – a space that supports concentration and cuts out unwanted sound.

 Every space, every building, every requirement is different.

Creatif's team of workspace experts and technical engineers will ensure every factor in workspace design is appraised with acoustic comfort in mind, that supports the aesthetics of the space. We help interior designers create workspaces that sound as good as they look.

We have acoustics covered right from the start.

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