5 Spaces for Business Success

Employee disengagement costs the UK economy £340 billion every year.

This staggering statistic comes from Paul Devoy, the CEO of Investors in People, who said that it is vital employers address disengagement if they wish to retain the skills and talents of their staff. 

There is insurmountable evidence confirming strategic office design has been quantitatively linked to boosting employee retention, employee productivity and overall happiness at work. Astutely aware that executives are questioning how to improve employee performance and win the war for talent, Creatif has outlined the 5 spaces for business success. 


1) Breakout Space – Employees need an official place to relax and recharge. Use effective interior design to create designated multi-purpose areas; a space for lunch, casual conversations and spontaneous meetings. Breakout spaces avoid the acoustic complexities of trying to relax at your desk, an almost impossible activity when you’re surrounded by noise pollution and can still hear the phone ringing or overhear colleague’s discussions about work. Breakout spaces also reduce the demand on meeting rooms, allowing everyone an opportunity to have an off-the-cuff brain-storming session or take time away from their desk.

2) Open Plan – The beauty of open plan lies in the plethora of choice available. Agile working in an open plan office enables individuals to select the working conditions most suitable to them at that present moment in time. An open plan area is similar in that anyone can choose to use it when they need it; somewhere you can work for 2 hours or more, when you signal you’re open to interaction and collaboration and people are encouraged to work out loud. This is different to a breakout space in that it has a work purpose to improve your productivity.

3) Service Zone – When it comes to spaces for business success, service zones can often be overlooked. A space where your printer, photocopier, and stationary are kept, reducing disruption in open plan areas. Service zones also maximise the efficiency of multi-functional devices and creates spontaneous interactions between colleagues of different departments. You can also put coffee points nearby to encourage more spontaneous social interactions.

4) Quiet Space – Offices distribute a sensory overload, so if you want high-performers then provide a quiet space for concentration. This calm area reduces the demand on desk space and puts an invisible DO NOT DISTURB sign above your head. Business success relies on continuous innovation, but with so much stimuli in an office, employees need a private area to collect their thoughts. Whether it’s a walled chair or a workstation for one, it’s imperative that individuals can access a quiet space.

5) Touchdown Space – Perfect for flexible working, a touchdown space is ideal for workers who use the office infrequently, need to dip in on short duration tasks like checking emails, or just a space required pre and post meetings. Using effective interior design, you can accommodate excess staff by providing an overflow area, but touchdown spaces also prevent colleagues getting distracted by those who don’t need to concentrate as much. This area expertly co-exists with quiet spaces.

Google, Facebook, Sky, Pixar, Instagram, Facebook and AirBnB have all realised how office space should be used as a strategic lever to improve productivity, performance and competitive advantage. Whilst people do different jobs, they do similar activities and have similar needs from their office environment. They need to be able to communicate, collaborate and have time and space to concentrate effectively in order to drive business growth. It’s this strategic understanding of how people and office space can work together to improve productivity, performance and competitive advantage that has led Creatif to create the products it has: 

1. Breakout Space – Workspace Furniture from the Effectif range provide characterful, functional and fun chairs, stools, meeting tables, shelving, pouffes and occasional tables that have been specifically design for the agile workspace.

2. Open Plan – Bean Bags from Creatif’s Effectif range allow you to sit comfortably, relax, chat with colleagues and are perfect for short term interactions.


3. Service Zone – Whisper and 3D offer acoustic design flexibility that are ideal for service zones. Offering acoustic control, redefine the service zone using environmentally considerate fabrics that add a contemporary finish to any area. Adding in illuminated bespoke panels such as Lightboxes from the Effectif range enable you to create a signpost to the area. It’s also an effective way of using interior design to create a branded and well-lit aesthetic. 


4. Quiet Space – The Acoustif range offers optimum sound masking and privacy. Panels, rafts and baffles are eco-friendly, cost effective and easy to install modular tiles designed to improve acoustic comfort and reverberation. Modular Acoustic Rooms from the Seclusif range offer instant privacy with easy to build and install modules all with the latest technology built in.


5. Touchdown Space – Creatif’s Acoustif range offers Acoustic Meeting Booths such as the Cube offer a welcoming retreat from the buzz of open plan workspaces. With the option of 1 – 4 person capacity, ultra-effective acoustic panels and power outlets, the CUBE provides an easily accessible yet secluded area perfect for any touchdown space.


Creatif understand people’s inherent needs and have created furniture that help to get the best out of people. Transforming the workplace modifies the attitudes and behaviours of employees, so get in touch with Creatif to begin planning how you will include these 5 spaces for business success.