5 Cube Ideas To Kick-start Your Creativity

In conjunction with the redevelopment of our market-leading acoustic meeting booth, Cube, we asked our design team to get creative and draw up a few concept variations of their own.

Taking inspiration from a wide range of trends and influences (both locally and globally), our team has come up with five distinct designs that show just what can be done with a Creatif cube…


Private spaces need to be calming and what better way to relax than surrounded by the dusty hues of a 1960s hair salon?

The pinks, greys and beiges here all combine to create subtle interior that immediately puts one at ease.


Mood Board

Mood Board 03 900px

  • Camira Era Calendar
  • Camira Aspect Petra
  • Grey Stone Melamine
  • Lacquered MDF
  • RAL 3022 (Salmon Pink)
  • U353 ST9 Laminate
  • Whisper (Spa & Silverstone)


Opened to much fanfare in 1964, Leeds’ Merrion Centre was lauded as the type of development that every successful large town and city wanted to build. For decades, the building remained untouched and served as a lasting legacy of the style – and design – of the 1960s.

Sadly, the Merrion Market no long exists. But much of the culture that the centre was inspired by lives on today. With clear references to 60s culture with a modern twist, this futurist design will make a great addition to any office that’s crying out for a contemporary feature.


Mood Board

Mood Board 04 900px

  • Camira Patina Glisten
  • Kvadrat Galaxy
  • Lacquered MDF
  • RAL 3000 (Flame Red), 9005 (Black) & 9010 (White)
  • Whisper (Bathurst)


With wellness firmly in the mainstream, our Naturalism concept will add wild Yorkshire twist to any project that has biophilia at its core.

The earthy hues, mixed with an assortment of wood finishes conjure up connotations of the moors that are such a prominent part of the Yorkshire landscape. And, with the additional of lattice shelving, there’s the opportunity to dress the inside of this calming Cube with a healthy dose of greenery.


Mood Board

Mood Board 01 900px

  • Camira Rivet Cast & Res)in
  • H110 ST9 Sealand Pine Laminate
  • Kvadrat Apparel
  • Rainforest Moss
  • Shorewood Melamine
  • Whisper (Monte Carlo & Spa)

Sweet Scandi

This collection mixes traditional Scandinavian influences with the vibrant colours of the Pick & Mix aisle.

Together, the pale wood mixed with the bright turquoises and a calming red combine to create a fun and uplifting environment for the more neutral interior.

Features wise, the addition of asymmetrical shelving and two matching side-tables create a welcoming enclave that’s ideal for those wanting to spread out and get away from the bustle of the open plan office.


Mood Board

Mood Board 02 900px

  • Camira Era Aeon
  • Kvadrat Highfield 3
  • Lacquered MDF
  • Mainau Birch Melamine
  • RAL 6027 (Light Green)
  • U500 ST9 Glacier Blue Laminate


In the 1950s Brutalist architects took a sledgehammer to conventional design principles. Emerging from the shadows as a counterpoint to the modernist movement that had dominated the preceding decades, Brutalist buildings spring up to dominate post-war cityscapes.

Today, brutalism is a lot like marmite. You either love it, or you hate it. But you can’t deny its impact, and this concept Cube undoubtedly makes one.


Mood Board

Mood Board 05 900px

  • Boston Concrete Laminate
  • Camira Velocity
  • Kvadrat Bright Grid
  • Lacquered MDF
  • Light Atelier Melamine
  • RAL 1090 (White) & 2004 (Pure Orange)
  • U353 ST9 Laminate
  • Whisper (Brands & Interlagos)