10 Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are a big deal right now and research suggests more of us will be using them in the coming years. With that in mind, Creatif highlights ten benefits of shared workspace environments.

The concept of an office is ever-changing.

No longer is it just a static grey room in an identikit building on an industrial estate.

Instead, offices and workplaces are an active community hub, buzzing with the latest technology and focusing on people-centric interior design.

According to the Office for National Statistics, over 4 million people worked from home in 2015 and research suggests that half the UK workforce is expected to be working remotely by 2020. 

There’s definitely a need for coworking spaces. WeWork, one of the driving forces between coworking spaces, boasts offices in 18 countries with over 268,000 members. In fact, shared offices are fast becoming the new normal, especially when the outputs are proving worthwhile: 89% of people who cowork report being happier and 84% of people surveyed who use these shared spaces reported to be more engaged and motivated.

Coworking areas provide a great work-life balance

For those considering agile working, here are 10 benefits of coworking spaces:

1. Location

The majority of coworking spaces are in city centres, are easy to find and easily accessible by public transport. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or medium sized start-up, first impressions count. Coworking spaces are professional, modern and regularly maintained, which will inevitably make a good first impression to clients.

2. Technology

Coworking spaces know that entrepreneurs and start-ups need the same technology found in an office, such as Superfast Wi-Fi and internet connections, and great phone signal. What’s more, technology integration is being seen everywhere and smart offices can improve wellbeing. Whether that’s wireless phone charging lamps, personalised lighting in your immediate space or something else, impressive technology is usually found in the latest coworking spaces.

3. Cost efficiency

Renting an office can be extremely expensive. Even if it’s just one room, you still have to consider the expense of buying your own furniture, utilities, insurance and other overheads that can crucify start-ups.

With a coworking space, you pay one all-inclusive amount each month that takes care of all of the above. Even the little things like buying your own kettle, cups, tea and coffee can end up being costly.

The majority of coworking spaces provide free drinks of an exceptionally high calibre.

Coworking spaces are of a high calibre and by design, are inherently flexible

4. Flexibility

The design thinking behind many coworking spaces is that of creativity; interior designers are carefully considering the comfort of furniture, the functionality of tables, and the acoustic complexities that accompany open plan areas.

People-centric design should ensure that there is flexible division in the workplace; multi-functional spaces that allow for secluded spaces when needed, yet can equally be transformed in to meeting rooms or breakout areas. Hot desking options will encourage people to select the furniture most conducive to their current workload, whether that’s a slouchy bean bag, traditional desk, tiered stair seating or quiet acoustic rooms.

Not only that, but many coworking spaces let you hop between their chain of business centres across the globe.

5. Aesthetics

When it comes to coworking space décor, interior designers are heavily investing in a ‘people first’ design culture. Whether it’s minimalist chic or informal ‘home from home’, coworking spaces are offering dynamic design with something for everyone.

With such a diverse workforce, the aesthetics still need to cater for optimum levels of concentration, which is where scientifically designed acoustic furniture steps in to muffle the sounds of conversation.

Creatif’s seminar held in their Clerkenwell showroom earlier this year highlighted how sound affects us physiologically, psychologically, cognitively and behaviourally. Coworking spaces don’t have control over the noise people bring, but they do have control over the aesthetics that can mask those sounds.

The entire Acoustif range from Creatif has been designed to dramatically reduce noise pollution but won’t compromise the coworking décor.

Coworking spaces are at the forefront of interior design

6. Structure

Working from home can be difficult for those as they lost their sense of daily structure, punctured by social interactions, ‘lunch time’ and tea/coffee breaks. A coworking space can offer a sense of routine, the familiarity of going to work, and encourages a healthy divide between work and home.

7. Sociability

A great component of coworking spaces is that you control how sociable you want to be. At work, people can often feel forced to interact with colleagues which may make them uncomfortable.

Coworking spaces provide the option of talking to people, networking, becoming part of a community, but only if you want to.

There’s even research indicating that our brains actually function better when we’re interacting with others and experiencing togetherness, so simply by surrounding ourselves with people we mitigate the feeling of loneliness.

8. Networking

There are ample business opportunities gained by networking with your fellow colleagues within a coworking space. People are 81% more likely to trust their peers over advertising when it comes to purchasing decisions, so if you are recommended by someone else within the coworking space, you’re more likely to pick up work.

Coworking areas are great for networking

9. Wellbeing

The majority of people strive for a healthy work/life balance, so many coworking spaces offer on-site fitness classes, yoga classes and fresh fruit. There are various ways to promote wellness in the workplace, wherever that workplace may be, and some coworking spaces are even allowing workers to bring their dogs to work.

10. Diversity

Coworking spaces encourage people from all walks of life to work in a shared space. This broadens your business network, social companions, and encourages interactions between those you’d normally not meet had you not shared the same space.

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