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Creatif Talks: "Biophilia, Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace" with Oliver Heath

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few years, you cannot have escaped the wellness design trend that has been reverberating around the world: Biophilia. Modern interiors across all sectors – from retail to education, office to healthcare – are beginning to prominently feature ...
15 Mar 2019

Creatif Conversations: 04. Georgia Elliott-Smith

Georgia Elliott-Smith studied Environmental Engineering at the University of Portsmouth and has been improving environmental best practices ever since. As well as being a WELL Building Standard Accredited professional and Fitwel Ambassador, Georgia spends her days providing expert advice and ...
4 Mar 2019

Office Designs from the 1920s to Today: A Century of Evolution

The office has changed immeasurably over the decades, and there’s no sign that our working environment will not stop evolving in the years to come. With that in mind, let’s cast our eyes back through history and see just how the office has shifted in both form and function over the past century....
26 Feb 2019

Sound... It's All Around You - A Creatif Seminar at Dale Office Interiors (Sheffield)

Come and join Dwight Bailey, Creatif’s Managing Director, and partners from Dale Office Interiors for an interactive seminar on acoustics within the workplace. Date and time: 27th March 2019 (4:15pm) Location: Dale Office Interiors, Herries Road South, Sheffield, S6 1QS...
22 Feb 2019

5 Examples of Modern Architecture Designed to Inspire Younger Generations

The entire education system revolves around academic learning, achievements and outcomes that demonstrate the ‘success’ of a child yet classroom design has historically been formulaic and dull. This concept, however, is being flipped on its head by a plethora of worldwide architects determined to ...
19 Feb 2019

RR201 - From Trash to Treasure: A Circular Economy Love Story

We all know that the traditional formula within the linear economy of ‘make, use, waste’ has to stop – our livelihood depends on it - which is why so many architects, interior designers and furniture makers are looking to the circular economy....
14 Feb 2019

The Changing Perspective of Sleeping at Work

It used to be that if you got caught falling asleep at work, you’d get a stern telling off from management. But nowadays, taking a nap is not only allowed in some organisations, it's actively encouraged. ...
7 Feb 2019

Creatif Conversations: 03. Nigel Oseland

Never before has the ‘psychology of designing workspaces for people’ been quite at the forefront of interior office design. Championing this school of thought is environmental psychologist Nigel Oseland, who founded both Workplace Unlimited and the annual Workplace Trends conference....
4 Feb 2019

The Seven Acoustic Wonders of the World

Although many consider design to be a purely visual enterprise, a truly design-led experience should be one that encompasses all our senses. To usher in the new year, we have compiled seven breath-taking examples of architecture that celebrates the unity of acoustics and aesthetic design....
15 Jan 2019

Creatif Conversations: 02. Kathryn O'Callaghan-Mills

As a Design Director at Area, the award-winning workplace design and fit out specialists, Kathryn O’Callaghan-Mills has extensive knowledge of what works in interior design, the workplace, and why people-focused furniture should be at the heart of every project. Having recently attended one of ...
8 Jan 2019