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The ABC of Acoustic Design: A is for Absorb

In the third part in a series of posts about the ABC of Acoustic Design, we take a look at the principle of absorbing sound in the workplace, the history behind the concept and why it is an effective acoustic remedy....
10 Oct 2019

Creatif Conversations: 07. Richard Russell

Richard Russell is the founding Director Innerspace Cheshire, one of the foremost suppliers of natural materials within the interior design industry. Creatif spoke to Richard about Innerspace's approach to sustainability, the company's varied history and the importance of incorporating biophilic ...
9 Oct 2019

Creatif Talks; "Materials for Design" with Richard Russell

Richard Russell is one of the most familiar faces in the interiors sector. After making his name in the world of fabrics and textiles, he went on to found Innerspace Cheshire in 2006 and has spearheaded and championed the use of natural materials in office design....
23 Sep 2019

Creatif to Mark a Year of Fundraising for Brake by Zipping Down Velocity 2

To mark one year of fundraising in conjunction with Brake, the road safety charity, we're sending 'Team Ops' across to fly down Europe's fastest zip line......
18 Sep 2019

The ABC of Acoustic Design: The Basic Design Principles

In the second part in a series of posts about the ABC of Acoustic Design, we  provide a bite size overview of key terms, standards and definitions, and cover the basic principles you'll need to adopt to create an acoustically perfect workspace....
13 Sep 2019

The ABC of Acoustic Design: Why is it Important?

In a new blog series, Creatif goes through the ABC approach to Acoustic Design....
3 Sep 2019

5 Fantastic Float Systems That Enable Agile Working

Agile working - It's all about letting people work how, where and when they want. Float, our agile moving panel system, is a great enabler of agile working in the workplace. Here are five fantastic examples......
15 Aug 2019

59:49 - Creatif Breaks the Hour Mark Running the London 10K

Creatif has now raised nearly £2,500 for Brake, the UK's leading road safety charity, after our latest charity event - sending one of team down to the capital to run the ASICS London 10K....
7 Aug 2019

What Does Workspace Wellness Mean?

11 Jul 2019

Creatif's Hitting the Streets for the ASICS London 10k

Since entering its year-long partnership with Brake, Creatif has raised over £2,000 for the UK’s leading road safety charity....
10 Jul 2019